Holiday Wrap Up Part I

Friends, consider this the post-early Thanksgiving holiday wrap up. I haven’t stopped cooking for months and it’s been a blur of of whisks and a haze of flour for weeks on end.  As I come out come down from the sugary buzz of all the delicious treats and warm happy feeling a slice of homemade bread can give a person, I have decided to hit the highlights for you.We traveled to Folly Beach, SC for Thanksgiving proper, where I went all in on another round of Thanksgiving cooking. With no other plant-based families sharing in the cooking this year, I felt responsible for providing a vegan spread that only can be afforded by a labor of love and a huge grocery haul. I made my traditional holiday loaf, roasted sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes with gravy, a killer cranberry sauce full of orange zest and ginger, a laughably large puff pastry filled with a wholly improvised spinach filling, massaged kale salad with walnut and pomegranate, garlic and butter* green beans, and…  a three layer cranberry cake for the ages. There aren’t enough hours in the day to try to write how I made any of this but generally I am asked the following:

  • What you’re favorite vegan butter? I often use organic Earth Balance, but I have some issues with the palm oil and have started buying Miyoko’s. It has a far more subtle buttery taste, and I’m a fan.
  • What do you put in your mashed potatoes? Some vegan butter, a shot or two of unsweetened organic soy milk and some veggie broth in whatever combination to taste. Salt and pepper.
  • What is massaged kale? Some apple cider vinegar and olive oil poured over and smooshed around with the kale will make it tender without heating it. Several hours in the fridge covered in the fridge will do the trick.
  • I didn’t know puff pastry is vegan? Not all of it is. Read carefully.
  • Where did you get the cranberry cake recipe? Like most things I enjoy, it came from the New York Times. Original recipe is not vegan.

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