Getting Cozy

I have no guests coming over this weekend and I have no social engagements to attend. The holiday hubbub has subsided and I am grateful for it. It’s time to be home and get my hygge on! Thanksgiving to Christmas is a running start into what I think of as the cozy season and it’s one of my favorite things in life. My sock are fuzzy, the kids are snugly and the kitchen is warm – but not as warm as it by the woodstove.

It’s Thursday, which is weekend menu day. If there is anything particular I want to make, today is the day to reference recipes, make sure the staples are well-stocked, and make my shopping list. Currently, I have several ingredients hangout in the kitchen that need to be put into play: a butternut squash, fresh sage and some mushrooms. I think there is some spinach and chard ready in the garden.

I’m not interested in the butternut square and the mushrooms competing for flavor. I want to use the squash and sage to stuff shells with cashew cream or tofu, but that’s a lot of pasta for the weekend menu, so instead I’m going to make my favorite butternut squash soup. It’s going to be ready here, so this will be a nice warm up.

The sage and mushrooms are going to make friends with creamy risotto, which reminds me to add white wine to the grocery list. I may add some ribbons of greens, but more than likely I’ll cook them just enough to be tender with a little olive oil and salt and eat them with both the soup and the risotto.

Am I going to bake too? Yes, because the soup will be lonely without a wedge of..foccacia? french bread? I haven’t decided yet! I’ll follow up with how-I-made-it details this weekend.

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