Blue Hill Kitchen is about food, specifically plant-based foods. I want to teach you how to cook, not follow a recipe. Cooking and baking should be a delight to your senses. It can give you an honest way to show those you care, to bring your people to linger in the kitchen and gather around your table. Cooking and baking doesn’t have to be overly complicated or laborious, but it does have to be good.

Jess Trotman

Head Kitchen Witch

Surprise, I am Blue Hill Kitchen!

I am happiest in the kitchen, and despite years of practice I still call my family in to marvel at just how beautiful a loaf of bread turned out or to stick their nose into a bowl while I put together my go-to tofu marinade. It just never gets old.


Matriarch. Mom to FIVE. Grandmother to NINE. Great-Grandmother to EIGHT.

I’m just going to say it – she’s a total badass. From her I learned the power of food to bring dozens of people home and to value the energy in a room when we gather in the kitchen or around the table. What a gift.

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